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November 28, 2016

Blood Boy and The Awkward Girl - Ep.70


The Edward Snowden film really opened my eyes to the Toblerone, Pringles and Shapes coverup conspiracy that the mainstream media are ignoring. How we handle scratching someone’s car by turning it into a se7en / Zodiac style puzzle game. 

My dad sets me up for a drug bust which forces me to change my name to Netflix Presents Pablo Escobar 2. Terminator style future police, YouTube crimes, The Secret World of Alex Mac stealing from Terminator 2, Breaking down Animorphs and their potential copyright infringement on The Faculty and Stargate. Todd’s gone Monopoly mad with boardgames and keeps one on display and creates a new game fusing Pringles and Operation.

Our friendship is really put to the test on this episode:
Twilight Showdown Team Edward v Team Jacob
Secret World of Alex Mac v Terminator 2
Animorphs v The Faculty
Clarissa Explains It All v Kenan and Kel

Todd dips into the science of Independence Day 2, we ask DMX some questions and what was Clarissa Explains It All ACTUALLY about?

- Is my clay modelling an affront to God?
- Will I get arrested for uploading a crime to YouTube?
- Something about the game The Sims

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