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February 12, 2017

Competitive Podcasting and Exclusive Brand Deals - The Advisory Ep.81


This episode of The Advisory is unofficially brought to you by Rockstar Energy, who are also now unofficial title sponsor of our new endeavour; Competitive Podcasting. Say goodbye to sports, competitive gaming, e-sports and athletes, it's time to Slam The Juice! 

Also on this episode we talk about the recent sex ghost haunting UK reality TV show, which lead us to discover Spectrophilia; the fetish where people want to have sex with ghosts and images in mirrors.
Harambe Cheeto selling on eBay for a ridiculous amount of money.  
The Rock vs Dwayne Johnson: who would win a real life brawl. 
Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Dwayne Johnson: The ultimate show down. 
Rapid Fire Questions! 
Can I get in trouble for growing vegetables at school? 

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