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May 6, 2017

The Scent of a Generation - Ep.91


We’re putting together a competitive Overwatch team on PS4—this is not a drill, get your PSN names in! 

Earl wants to know if farting on a first date is a forgivable sin. We help him understand the intricacies and the Bill Nye science of stink management and the profound impact a can of Lynx Africa can have on a relationship. (Also, do people who work for a company have to use that product as their go to? Like if you’re the CFO of Lynx—do you have to wear Lynx?) 

Government hating Mary wants the government out of her marriage and out of her business! 

Listener reviews that make us laugh get a gift! 

 - How to neutralise bodily odour 
- Customising the modern marriage 

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