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January 1, 2017

The Ultimate New Year - Ep.75


The new year is upon us and it’s time to choose our over arching theme that will colour all of our decisions for the year. 20-Spooksteen and 20-Scamsteen are over, and it’s time to move forward and discover what is to come in 2017. 

- 20 Seven Scene: we infiltrate scenes and subcultures Louis Theroux Roman Mars 99% Invisible style. Warning: Goths are disappearing like the bees. 
- 20 Seven Convene: a year of unity. 
- 20 Seven Mean: the mean average of being mean to people 
- 20 Seven Celine: a year of Celine Dion appreciation 
- 20 Heaven Teen: a review of every episode of 7th Heaven 

01:07 - Branding 2017 
09:39 - How do I get my girlfriend to eat more fruits and vegetables (Applying Jack Nicholson wolf theories to real world problems and ending the consumption of meat forever). 
13:09 - How to get drunk on a budget 
13:24 - Cricket Themed Wine 
20:11 - I’m starting Uni and I want to develop a cool trait 
21:05 - James’ Top 3 Coolest Things 
21:48 - Todd’s Top 3 Coolest Things 

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