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December 12, 2016

Why David Beckham Can’t Be Trusted - Ep.72


2 Australian’s discuss the man who punched a kangaroo in the face, the metal crushing kangaroo and the big ol’buff roo who roams the Northside of Brisbane. 

We discuss what happened to Brendan Fraser? And accidentally start another podcast beef over our David Attenborough episode, we rattled the David hive and now we have a fully fledged podcast war on our hands. David Beckham is the Queen David and must be taken out. 

Todd thinks old people are afraid of the internet and therefore know more about survival than the average person, which leads to our Man of the House meets Bushwhacked camping guide. 

Pricasso, the penis painter, on Rove Live and Morse code for the sexting generation. 

SEO fo’ sho: 
Kangaroo Punch 
The Last Guardian 
Westworld Season 2 
The Mummy 
Tom Cruise 

- How can I become a survivalist? I don’t want to go camping, I want to learn how to live off the land. I want to learn how to hunt and learn navigation by the stars. 
- The shopping centre I work in does 36 hour trading for Christmas. What are some good ways to stay awake? 
- Help me pick a new phone. Any make any model and why - Advice off. 

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