2 dudes from Brisbane dishing out unqualified advice to help guide listeners through the various troubles of life.

April 30, 2017

Crave The Vape - Ep.90


STOP THE VAPE! This cannot be a coincidence—5 people I know this week have begun to vape. I can only assume that vape juice has been dumped into our water supply is now corrupting the masses #StopTheVape. (This did lead to Todd revealing some private text messages in an attempt to besmirch my good anti-vape name). 

- When does my diploma run out? 
- When is saying “shut up and dance with me” inappropriate? 
- I bought a male dog recently and I was never told he had gotten another dog pregnant. Now they’re selling the puppies. I have the dad. Do I have any rights to say what happens to these puppies?
- How do I stop the neighbours kids from playing on my lawn? 

Todd completely misremembers the movie Grease and recounts the prison scene he definitely remembers being in the film. We also explore deadbeat dog dads, dog ownership rights, Tilikum your dog and Todd’s Lightning McQueen and Cars movie theory. 

Finally, we wrap things up with a quick breakdown of the only comic book movie that matters—Billy Zane’s The Phantom. 

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